Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year... of Colossal Horror!

With animated Christmas television specials and drunken New Year’s Eve antics now but a fleeting memory, it’s time to focus on 2008. I’ve noticed that a lot of websites and blogs have currently dedicated themselves to overview lists and countdowns related to this past year, and while I thought that might be a neat idea to do something along those lines, it’s a little tough to pull off with such specialized subject matter. A “Top 10 Giant Monster Movies of 2007” countdown, for example, would consist of D-War and... uh, D-War. See what I mean? Nonetheless, it did get me thinking that I could still cook up some fun monster-themed lists for this blog all the same. In the meantime, I patiently await the release of Cloverfield- a mere couple of weeks away- with hopes that it doesn’t suck. That would be a really crappy way to start out this year.

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SXGodzilla said...

love that little picture there, hilarious.

giant ant does NOT look amused.