Monday, January 7, 2008

Hulk vs Fin Fang Foom

Benjamin, a visitor to my humble little blog, brought this recently-released comic to my attention: a one-shot issue featuring a skirmish between the Incredible Hulk and Marvel's giant Chinese dragon monster, Fin Fang Foom. Stuff like this raises my hopes that there might one day be a second round of “Marvel Monsters” comics, although the company still seems to be preoccupied with doing zombie interpretations of their characters.

The issue also features a reprint of the first appearance of the Fin Fang Foom character from Strange Tales #89, back when he was colored orange (despite being green on the cover of the comic). It’s a fun read and unintentionally humorous in spots, as the writing is typical of most comics from that time period, i.e., lots of awkward, exposition-heavy narrative. For example:

I dunno- if I were one of those soldiers, I think I’d probably be saying something along the lines of “AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Shoot it! SHOOT IT!” verses flowery observation. But that’s just me.


SXGodzilla said...

I'd love to see a return to more serious "Marvel Monsters" stuff. Maybe "Tales to Astonish" or "Strange Tales" or something like that.

While I liked the main story, I felt kinda let down by the main fight itself. Would it have killed Marvel to allow Fin Fang Foom to fight back?

Mysterious Pants said...

Yeah, the actual fight was kinda forgettable and one-sided. I suppose that's always going to be the problem whenever you have an opponent going up against the Hulk- a character whose entire gimmick is being the "strongest one of all".

What I would like to see though, should there ever be a revisit to the Marvel Monsters books, is more monsters fighting each other instead of battling superheroes; a sort of "Destroy All Monsters with Jack Kirby critters", if you will...

SXGodzilla said...

That'd be kickass. They tried something like that with It, the Living Colossus and Fin Fang Foom back in the day, as well as a relatively recent issue of Exiles that pitted Red Ronin against Fin Fang Foom, but yeah that'd be sweet to see more monster throw-downs. :D