Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Looks Promising

I’m cautiously optimistic about this bit of news out of the San Diego comic con, where Legendary Pictures revealed an early poster and teaser trailer for the upcoming American Godzilla film. The details of the trailer are covered over on iO9, but the general reaction from the fans has been pretty positive. Even though the footage is brief, it contains two encouraging elements which fills me with hope that Legendary is on the right track with this project: a demolished city and the silhouette of a creature that is definitely Godzilla-esque.

Granted, you can’t make out too much from that grainy image, but the outline is a heck of a lot closer to the Japanese Godzilla than the 1998 version ever was. In fact, its somewhat stocky proportions remind me of the design that was used for Godzilla's cameo in the Japanese film “Always on Third Street 2”:

Alright, director Gareth Edwards... you’ve got my hopes up for this thing. Do not pull a “Tri-Star” on me. My sensitive geek heart couldn’t take it. 

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