Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Links of Note and Possibly the Greatest Magazine Cover Illustration Ever

I think if I had come across this magazine as a kid, my brain would have exploded. 

Got an iPad? Then you can download the indie app game Metrop-A-Stomp for free. As for you Android users- you gotta shell out 99 cents. 

Speaking of games, you can also check out a fancier-looking version of Deathworm called Effing Worms 2 over here.

Shingeki no Kyodai is an interesting post-apocalyptic manga about the remainder of humanity surviving in a world of murderous giants. You can read a translated version of it here.

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Captain Rufus said...

I bought this issue just because of the cover. Even if the contents owned as well. Eggleton art is just so great.