Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Great Bear (Danish trailer)

The Danish animated film The Great Bear seems to be nearing completion, as it has just released an official trailer. In case you don’t recall the story from waaaaay back when I had made brief mention of it here on the blog, it’s about two children that visit their grandfather and the younger of the pair ends up abducted by a humungous, mythical bear.

The Twitch website is hosting the video which, unfortunately, doesn’t have any english subtitles. All the same, if you keep in mind of what I just wrote as a synopsis, you can roughly follow what’s going on. What’s weird though, is that the trailer seems to come across as a condensed version of the entire film. Of particular note is the final shot in the trailer which, I have a rotten suspicion, happens at the climax of the movie... or am I just over-thinking things?

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