Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cyborg Dinosaurs vs. Corn Chips

Here's a weird post to kick off 2009... apparently Microsoft and Doritos held a contest not too long ago which challenged ordinary folks to come up with a video game based around whoring out tortilla chips. The winner of said contest had the good taste to base his concept around giant monsters, which lead to the creation of Doritos: Dash of Destruction, a free X-Box LIVE Arcade download. 

As any self-respecting paleontologist will tell you, the prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex often supplemented its carnivorous diet with spicy tortilla chips when meat was unavailable. Keeping in step with this idea, players control an armored dinosaur in its destructive pursuit of a Doritos delivery truck through a small urbanized area. One can also play as the truck escaping the T-Rex in both single and multi-player mode. From what I saw in a gameplay video, the environmental destruction is admittedly pretty neat-looking and the monster sports an appealing design. There's not much in the way of depth to this thing, but what would one expect from a promotional gimmick for zero dollars?


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João said...

Wow! Made of awesome!