Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sleeping Giant

While snooping around in the depths of the internet as I am prone to do, I stumbled across some info about an upcoming comic book called “Sleeping Giant” from creators Jeremy Mauney (writer), Joey Mason (artist) and Zad Arshad (colorist). The synopsis from the comic’s MySpace page:

Maverick, a young American college drop-out suddenly wakes up in Japan, not knowing how he got there. To give him aid and clues of his arrival are a young Japanese boy, an African forest dweller, and a small forest creature... Spooky things are going on around Mt. Fuji, and Maverick has been enlisted to investigate and help stop the horrors ahead.

Giant monsters, forest creatures, and strange twists galore, this story is like Princess Mononoke, Godzilla and Donnie Darko all mixed into one with a comedic twist!

Sounds good to me! Some links of note:

The official “Sleeping Giant” MySpace page (warning- keep your speakers at a modest level due to the background music)

Joey Mason’s deviantArt page (with some comic samples in the gallery section)

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gojera82 said...

glad your interested in the comic man! it is on hiatus right now due to Joey working on the new Spiderman animated series. should come out in 2008... so keep your eyes peeled!
-jeremy (sleeping giant creator)