Friday, April 15, 2011

Links of Note and Why Car Insurance is Important

I don’t know what it is about parking lots but they attract giant crabs like picnics attract ants. (Painting by John Brosio)

Kill All Monsters web comic. When Earth becomes plagued by monsters, humanity fights back using giant robots. Yes, please! (Kill All Monsters!)

The good news? A giant squid invasion could be easily averted with sound waves. The bad news? It turns out that human-created noise pollution might be doing severe damage to the ocean’s cephalopods. (iO9)

Battle hydras, griffins and (of course) dragons in the upcoming game, Dragon’s Dogma. Check out the teaser trailer: (


Rich said...

I saw Troll Hunters this weekend based on the trailer I saw on your blog!

Oh, and what do you think of the word "xenomorph"?

Mysterious Pants said...

"Xenomorph"? Isn't that the name of the aliens from Aliens?

Rich said...

@M.P. I refer you to my blog post on the subject,

But good catch. Yes, xenomorph is the term applied to the monsters in "Alien" but as far as I am aware there is no need to limit the term. It basically seems to mean "monster" to me, just in a much more formal usage.

I first saw the term used in English-language signage in Tokyo SOS, and that's partly why I mention it.

What other terms might you be aware of?

Mysterious Pants said...

None that I can think of, admittedly.