Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trap Master

Here’s a weird little desktop defense-style game I found recently; you take control of a dungeon-dwelling creature out to protect its “Doom Chest” from an onslaught of angry villagers (should they manage to destroy said item, the game is over). Your monster can move freely around the area to either blast away the interlopers or chow down on them to renew its energy. Clearing out the level of intruders earns money which can be used for upgrades or to purchase contraptions that will slow down or damage the enemy units.

Be forewarned; things get considerably hectic with each subsequent, ever-increasing wave of attackers. I didn’t last very long before the villagers made hamburger out of my Doom Chest, but I fully admit to being lousy at games like this. Perhaps you might fare better.

Play it here: Trap Master


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João said...

Awesome game is awesome.