Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If there was ever a celebrity who would make for a terrifying giant monster, you couldn't do better than Amy Winehouse; alcoholic musician and human drug repository. In this quickie Flash game, you control a mutated Winehouse as she searches for her husband while destroying the paparazzi and military forces. Be sure to stomp on liquor stores and vagrants sleeping on park benches to collect booze for keeping Amy’s strength up!

The 100 ft Amy Winehouse Game

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kingbaggot said...

Wow ! - having this on your site makes me VERY HAPPY - I made this game a couple of weeks ago, but my original version was a Godzy one.

beware -it uses the shockwave player (it was all i knew 7 year ago !)

it's actually not that good, but who care's - it's Godzilla in the UK smashing his way up the M4. woo hoo.

great site btw !