Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jack Kirby Giant Monster Generator

Anyone who is a fan of comic artist Jack Kirby is probably familiar with his monster-themed stories that appeared in 50’s and 60’s science fiction/fantasy comics. Jack’s monstrous creations had a flavor that was uniquely their own; weird, vowel-heavy names, meaty designs and a propensity for wearing wrestling trunks (when it was applicable). For those of you not terribly familiar with said books, you can find a very extensive collection of information and scans at this website: Monster Blog.

I decided to dip back into my MEMEgen account and whipped up a Kirby-style monster generator for the hell of it. You know the drill: input your name into the first field and the generator will cook up your very own Kirby monster identity. So sayeth... Gorga, the robot from Mars! Go here:

Jack Kirby Giant Monster Generator


Christopher Mills said...

Orokaa, the monstrosity that defied science!


Great blog, BTW!

Mysterious Pants said...

Thanks for the kind words and positive mention on your nifty "Atomic Pulp & Other Meltdowns" blog. 'Tis much appreciated!