Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spooky Monsters

Check out these really cool and creepy sketches by artist John Kenn, which he does entirely on yellow post-it notes. The drawings have a nice Edward Gorey vibe to them as well as a bit of a Lovecraftian undercurrent. I really like how Kenn’s giant monsters feel very “folklorish”; they seem like dark, ancient things that have awakened from a long slumber and are encountering humans for the first time. Very awesome stuff! Check out the blog here.


Rich said...

This reminds me a bit of the classic "Where the Wild Things Are" storybook

شكرًا على حسن انتباهكم said...

love the craft


شكرًا على حسن انتباهكم said...

nice pants by the way

Turkish Proverb said...

I cannot help but hate him for getting that detail onto post-its.