Monday, August 2, 2010

The Gift of Baragon

I would have posted this much earlier but I was suffering a technological brain freeze in the form of trying to figure out how my digital camera works. Anyway, this vinyl model of Baragon, the dog/dinosaur creature from Frankenstein Conquers The World (and one of my favorite Japanese giant monsters), arrived in the mail recently from a friend of mine in Japan. I have total admiration for anyone who can paint up a model as nicely as this, especially given my personal track record of screwing up every model I have ever tried to assemble and/or paint in my lifetime. It’s nice, eh? Thanks again for your awesome gift, Koichi!


On an unrelated note, a number of people have brought this picture to my attention: it’s supposedly the proposed design for the Legendary Pictures version of Godzilla, which appeared at the recent San Diego Comic Con. The Godzilla 2012 blog has done a pretty comprehensive post on the subject, which you can read over here. Again, it’s a neat picture and if this is indeed the direction that Legendary Pictures is taking with the film, I’m certainly all for it, HOWEVER... I’m still of the opinion that it’s far too early in the game to be treating “teaser images” like this one as any sort of definitive example of what the character’s final interpretation will be in the finished film.


ThatKidWithTheSideburns said...

Well at the very least it can't be any worse than Gino.

Rich said...

Y'know, the head looks a lot like GINO's to me... *shudder*