Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New “Monsters” Trailer Contains Monsters

When I had first heard about the British film, Monsters, I was a little wary about committing to posts on the subject, simply because I wasn’t certain if the film had any actual monsters in it. It’s a strange assumption to make, admittedly, but from what little that had been revealed about the story at the time (a good chunk of Mexico is quarantined after alien life forms set up shop in Central America, leaving the infected areas uninhabited by humans) I seriously wondered if the plot might contain some sort of dopey twist ending: It turns out that the aliens had died off years ago and the U.S. continued to play up them up as an active threat in order to stem the tide of illegal immigrants! NOOOOO!

Okay, so now you know why I’m not writing scripts for Hollywood. I suppose that my initial suspicions were influenced the movie’s relatively conservative production budget coupled with a slew of teaser stills mostly featuring shots of the lead characters wandering through empty, decimated areas; my cynical side figured it was going to be M.Night Shamalan’s The Village all over again. Thankfully, a new trailer for the movie has surfaced which does show fleeting glances of the aliens, thus putting my idiot theory to rest:


Rich said...

I'm at work, so sadly I can't watch your video feed. Well, I *could* watch it, just without sound. The same with your Graboid educational video, which does look very interesting. (I don't have home internet right now. Ugh.) Oh, and your skepticism is well founded. I remember reading "Zoo Story" because of the title, and being very disappointed. Then there was "Hannibal". Not an elephant in sight.

Voodoo Rob's Hellbilly Hollywood said...

Yeah, looks very District 9, but I think it has potential. Keep us posted!