Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Godzilla Unleashed Part Deux

More media and related interviews for the upcoming Godzilla game have been trickling out to onto the internet over the last month.

Most notably, the game’s official website has been put up but currently features a Flash-enabled graphic consisting of a collection of face down cards, save a few that are adorned with the images of playable monsters. Each one of those latter cards can be clicked and enlarged to view the particulars of a given character with accompanying animation on the reverse side.

I’d imagine the idea is that, as new characters are confirmed, more cards will gradually be revealed until all twenty-three of the game’s monsters are visible. That, or the whole thing will be overhauled in one broad maneuver a week or so before the game is released. Either or.

It also seems that Magmouth, the lava-spewing rock creature is the winner of the online monster voting contest that was to determine which one of four original creations would appear in the game as a playable character.

Now a second poll is underway in order to bestow the monster with his “official” name. Of the five choices given, I was disappointed to find that there was nothing along the lines of “Who gives a crap” or “Never going to play as him”. In a previous entry on the subject, I had expressed my disinterest in the addition of a made-up daikaiju to the game’s roster of Toho creations; as you can probably guess, my opinion hasn’t really changed a lot since then.

Besides, I preferred Magmouth back when he was a much more interestingly designed creature called “Magmo” in the War of the Monsters game for the PS2.

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