Sunday, May 27, 2007

What Kind of Giant Monster are You?

It’s a question that has puzzled man throughout the ages, so I took the liberty of creating a mini-quiz over at to help provide the answer. Simply type your name or username into the top field and the specific details of your giant monster persona will be revealed with the accuracy that only a random result generator can provide.

In the case of my own username (Mysterious Pants):

You are a: Shapeless Blob
As a result of...
A scientific experiment gone horribly wrong
Offensive Ability:
Venomous Bite
Secondary Ability:
Toxic Skin
Achilles Heel:
Resistance to heavy artillery:
Near Indestructible
Primary motivation?
Battling other monsters
The first location you attack:
New York, U.S.A

It’s more precise than astrology and palm-reading combined!

Click on the link below and take the test:

What kind of GIANT MONSTER are you?


Blayne Burnside said...

Turns out I'm a Colossal Arachnid. Interesting? Not remotely!

The new header is awesome!

Mysterious Pants said...

Haw haw! Thanks!

warren said...

Turns out I'm a gigantic human out to destroy all humans with my laser beams...starting with Moscow! Yay!

Mysterious Pants said...

Well, those Russians have had it too good for too long...

Suzanne Dargie said...
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