Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three More Monsters

IGN.com has revealed three more confirmed monsters for the upcoming Godzilla: Unleashed game.


No surprise here; Anguirus is a staple of the Toho daikaiju universe, a monstrous Lou Costello to Godzilla’s Bud Abbott. I would imagine that his abilities and attacks will be pretty much unchanged from his previous Atari game appearances.

King Ghidorah

Again, an expected choice. My only concern is that this new release might follow in the previous titles’ footsteps and include two additional playable King Ghidorah variants; a “classic” Shōwa Era version and Mecha-King Ghidorah. I’ve never really cared for this maneuver in game design, as you simply end up playing what amounts to the same character multiple times with only slight differences in strengths, abilities and appearance between them. To me, it’s akin to giving the player the choice to play as “Character A” and “Character A wearing a hat”.

If Pipeworks really felt the need to have another three-headed monster in the game, why not at least consider using the red and black quadruped “Death Ghidorah” from the Rebirth of Mothra movie?

King Caesar

Well, I’ll be jiggered! It’s like Christmas come early and Santa’s a giant, Chinese lion-dog thing! I’m glad they finally put this guy into the game; he’s always been a personal favorite of mine despite only appearing in two films. It looks like King Caesar’s design is based more on his streamlined Final Wars incarnation (you can see it more clearly in the screengrab pictures at IGN.com) but he’ll apparently still maintain his original energy absorption and redirection abilities.

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