Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Host Region 1 DVD

From the Kung Fu Cult Cinema site:

Magnolia Home Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing Bong Joon-Ho's Korean monster film, The Host on DVD in the U.S. July 24th. The film will be released in a single disc version, a 2 disc collector's edition, and also on HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Special features on the single disc include director commentary and deleted scenes. The 2 disc edition will include those, as well as a Making of The Host featurette, a Designing the Creature featurette, storyboards, a Puppet Animatronix featurette, a Memories of the Sewer featurette, and a gag reel. Completing the package will be a Film Departments featurette, casting tapes, features on training the actors, and more.

To anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see this very entertaining film, I highly recommend picking up one of these DVD’s- you shan’t regret it!

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