Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Funnies: A Somewhat Familiar Story

From the 2nd issue of Sergio Aragonés Funnies:


Ivan said...

Thanks! Some Aragonés is always welcome!

Rich said...

Hmm, I don't recognize the ending ;-)

Rich said...

While reading this blog article to distant xenomorphalogical interest ( I got to thinking about kaiju used in war.

When I saw Jurassic Park III, I was really hoping that I was hearing hints of bio-warfare using dinosaurs. I was sad there hasn't been a JP 4, although eventually they did make Rush Hour 3 after all, so there is still hope.

Anyway, besides mad scientists (Mechani-Kong and Ebirah) and aliens (Monster Zero, etc) and lost civilizations (Megalon and Manda) are there many examples of kaiju-warfare? And I noticed all my examples are Japanese. What about American movies?

Mysterious Pants said...

@Rich - Not in anything I've ever seen. It's a cool idea, tho'.

Rich said...

That is crazy! It seems 90% of Japanese movies involve kaiju used in warfare, whereas American monster movies have almost nothing.
THe only one I remembered after a few days was Cyber-Godzilla from the US animated GINO cartoon.