Monday, November 14, 2011

"Sand Sharks" Movie Trailer

So, how long before someone makes a flying shark movie? (note to self: write script for flying shark movie)


Ivan said...

Sure, I'll watch this--maybe it'll be fun (I *like* Mega-Piraha), but it can never beat the sand-sharks from Mars in The Outer Limits' episode "The Invisible Enemy."

But you probably already knew that...

Mysterious Pants said...

That is a good episode... ^_^

The concept of a shark that burrows underground instead of swimming in water has been lurking around in pop culture for a while- this is just the first time that someone made a film out of the idea. One makes an appearance in an old 80's cartoon called "Galaxy High":

(it shows up at the 3:06 mark)

There's probably other examples out there as well.

Rich said...

Man, I was hoping this was about Tremors! My disapointment knows no bounds.