Friday, July 6, 2007

The Mystery of Cloverfield

What is it?

A movie slated for early 2008, supposedly about a giant monster attack on the city of New York. Little is known about the plot or content other than that the film will apparently take place from the perspective of the human populace by way of personal recording equipment such as cell phone and video cameras.

Who’s behind it?

J.J. Abrams, Hollywood writer, producer and director. Currently most recognized as one of the creators of the television series LOST. Drew Goddard, a writer and co-executive producer on LOST, will provide the script.

What is known thus far:

- A teaser trailer playing before the Transformers movie begins with amateur video footage of a party in New York that is suddenly disrupted by the sounds of explosions and a bizarre, animal-like roar. The patrons witness a huge explosion in the distance and the severed head of the Statue of Liberty flying through the air and crashing onto the street.

- The title “Cloverfield” is only a working one and will most likely not be used as the final name of the film.

- One online source makes mention of something simply referred to as “the parasite” in the movie.

- Two cryptic, tie-in websites to the film have recently appeared; both revolve around an individual known as “Ethan Haas”. The first is a blog called “The Truth of Ethan Hass” which consists of posts attempting to discredit mysterious writings and prophecies that make reference to an assault on mankind by “ancient gods”. The second site, invites visitors to play a series of interactive games with a mechanical sphere covered with strange, alien-looking symbols (I find it interesting that many of the symbols sort of resemble stylized silhouettes of monsters).

**UPDATE- July 12th**

Apparently, the two aforementioned sites and the Truth of Ethan Haas blog have been dismissed by J.J.Abrams himself as having nothing to do with the upcoming movie, although he has mentioned that there are supposedly official "secret tie-in sites" out there waiting to be found.

Sheesh! I'll just wait for the 18th of January when the movie comes out instead.

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