Sunday, June 26, 2011

Contemplating Compositions concerning Colossal Creatures

Since giant monster-themed blogs (or websites, for that matter) aren’t exactly common, I thought that I’d make mention of the newest kid on the block, Monstrous Fiction. According to the blogmaster (is that the correct term? It sounds like Dungeons & Dragons slang), the site will be mostly focused on literature pertaining to the giant monster genre as well as essays and reviews. The blog is also kicking things off with a short story-writing contest, so for those of you with ambitions of composing a tale about city-flattening behemoths, you’ve now got your outlet. You can check out the site here:

Monstrous Fiction

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 Damon Orrell said...

And it's nice they are using blogger: I will be following the blog. Thanks for pointing it out!