Saturday, November 6, 2010

Links of Note and What Really Killed the Dinosaurs

That’s right: giant robots. What did you think was responsible? A big meteor? Puh-lease.

Japan continues to create toys that I would have killed for as a kid. Case in point: a supah-posable, Showa-era Anguirus figure. (Tomopop)

A gallery of classic Ultraman illustrations. (Pink Tentacle)

Science being a killjoy: why giant bugs can’t exist (currently). (Science In My Fiction)


Hellbilly Hollywood said...

Where, if I may ask, did you find that awesome power/sentai rangers painting?

Mysterious Pants said...

It's also from a post on the Pink Tentacle web blog:

ThatKidWithTheSideburns said...

I always knew the Power Rangers killed the dinosaurs. They needed to be dead to make the Zords that little bit cooler.