Monday, April 12, 2010

Jedi vs. the Zillo Beast

Say, did you happen to catch last week’s Clone Wars episode? The one that was basically a tribute to Japanese giant monster movies? The Undead Backbrain site has an informative blog post about it over here.

If you missed it, well... I guess you’ll have to wait for a repeat. It’s not like the internet has places you could visit where a video of the full episode was available for your viewing discretion or anything. Yup, that sure would be handy...

Unassuming link.

Ahem. Speaking of videos, here’s a behind-the-scenes creator’s commentary which details some of the little peripheral homages to Godzilla films that appear in the episode:

Episode Commentary #2.18: The Zillo Beast

(Thanks to Benjamin for the promotional movie poster parody find).


Draconis said...

Wow you're pretty fast with new giant monsters! :D I just watched the episode like two days ago and I should note, there's ANOTHER episode called "Zillo Beast Strikes Back". It's right after this one and is available on torrent. I believe Canadians get one episode premier before US and the rest.

Thanks again, it's always nice reading your blog. XD

Anonymous said...

I like your blog.

Rich said...

I'm watching this now, and I wouldn't be if not for this blog. Thanks! I've always wondered about the kaiju of Japanese movies in a futuristic sci-fi universe, and here this!

Rich said...

I posted a blog on the kaijuological interest, with a link. I wasn't able to find a place to watch the second episode, so far.