Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Deal with Dinoshark

Normally, I don’t bother to cover stuff that has been thoroughly covered by Undead Backbrain or Robo Japan, but since I had been recently talking about Roger Corman’s Dinoshark film, I figured I’d post the one publicity shot of the creature that’s been circulating around the net as of this past week.

Truthfully, the design is not at all what I was expecting. I assumed, from the name, that the monster would be along the lines of a Tyrannosaurus with shark features; something that could chase people around on land AND in the water (basically, the Dinocroc again). Touché, Corman- you threw me a bit of a curveball, there.

The plot of the movie, as revealed by Corman himself on io9:

Global warming causes the glaciers to break apart. We start the picture with real beautiful shots of the glaciers falling into the ocean. The unborn egg of the Dinoshark that has been frozen for millions of years is released.

Is it just me or are the Arctic and Antarctic circles a minefield of trouble waiting to happen? There seems to be a reoccurring theme in giant monster films wherein something horrible thaws out of an iceberg and then goes to town on humanity. A strong message for environmental conservation as I’ve ever heard. Dinoshark makes its SyFy Network premiere on March 13th.


Brian Blacknick said...

Nothing wrong with a couple monsters thawing out of the glaciers now and then. Provided of course they are good monsters - like the Rhedosaurus for example!

That painting of the DinoShark is kick a$$. Now if only the SyFy channel can deliver the goods!

Buzz Ryan said...

All in all...not real bad... I def liked it better than Gosford Park! I blogged it.