Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Proto-Clover, Comics and Punk Music

Even if you were lukewarm on the Cloverfield movie, this gallery of developmental artwork concerning the film’s monstrous antagonist- courtesy of the movie’s concept designer, Neville Page- is still pretty interesting nonetheless. It seems like the creature was always intended to be a weirdly-jointed, spindly-armed critter, but it’s neat to see some of the earlier versions of its evolution.

Neville Page’s Cloverfield monster gallery

Meanwhile, over in my email’s inbox, I received some promotional material for an upcoming comic book called Robot-13 from Blacklist Studios. The concept is wonderfully nifty: an amnesiac robot with a floating skull for a head goes on a journey of self-discovery while indulging in its relentless compulsion to battle giant monsters that threaten humanity. Sold! 

The Robot 13 MySpace page, along with some additional sample pages from the book, can be found here.

Finally, some random web surfing over the weekend unearthed this bizarre but entertaining music video for the song “Ninja High Schooool” by the band Peelander-Z (with help from Kaiju Big Battel).  

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