Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Boy and his Morphing Blob Thing

Over the last week, some buzz about an independent Japanese animated film called Cencoroll has been making rounds on anime-related news sites. The story is about a quiet community that is thrown into chaos when a strange, giant creature appears on the top of a building in the middle of town. Yuki, an inquisitive young girl, wonders if the monster is connected to a young boy named Tetsu who keeps a bizarre, shapeshifting creature named "Cenco" as a pet. When a stranger who seems to have control over the larger monster arrives in the town, Yuki finds herself caught up in a battle between the newcomer and Tetsu with their respective monsters acting as the weapons of choice.

One particularly impressive aspect to the project is the fact that its a solo effort; Atsuya Yuki, the movie’s creator, apparently directed, designed and animated the film almost entirely by himself. Sheesh! And here I am, thinking that updating this blog once a week is ambitious...

The film’s website, along with a trailer, can be found here: Cencoroll

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Suzanne Dargie said...

Creepy looking creature.