Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Monsters For Your iPhone

A friend of mine recently brought this to my attention: a downloadable comic called Super Kaiju Hero Force. Here are the details from the publisher’s website:

Super Kaiju Action Force is the story of three young fanboys who win a trip to japan and end up trapped inside the monster costumes used on the hit live-action superhero show, Colossal Man. This first eleven-chapter series follows Garganturo, Democules and Mungor in the exciting origin to the series. The series is released in bi-weekly installments, which are free from the Apple iTunes store for download on your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

Each chapter is roughly twenty to twenty-five pages long and once all eleven chapters are released, they will be replaced with a "Special Edition" download consisting of the entire run along with some extra bonus material. Now all I have to do is make that techno-evolutionary leap and get myself an iPhone...

The creators’ website (with the download link) can be found here: Crispy Comics

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