Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beware the Dinoshark

Roger Corman has apparently started production on a film called Dinoshark, about... um, a half-dinosaur and half-shark creature, presumably. Very little is known about the movie at this time, but it seems that Mr. Corman’s new technique of creating monster ideas involves taking the name of a modern animal and then adding the word “dino” in front of it... not unlike what he did with Dinocroc. Hmmm... could a Dinoshark vs. Dinocroc film be far behind? Personally, I’m hoping for a Dinobear movie.

Source: Dread Central   


Antonia Detroit said...

wanna know a secret?
I can tell you about the movie!
Not much, of course, but enough to... not really let you know anything big, but a few small tidbits.

Ok, so the movie is starring Eric Balfour and Iva something... I can't remember her name. She's European.
It also stars Aron Diaz, a famous Mexican soap opera star.

How do I know this?
Because I'm in the movie!
I can also tell you that it is being filmed in Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta, Jalisco, about 15 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta.

The scenes are filmed all over the resort, in Vallarta Adventures, and in the Marina Vallarta.

Spoiler: Aron Diaz gets eaten by Dinoshark to save Carol (Iva).
It was a little annoying watching it happen, because Iva kept messing up her lines.
But other than that, Aaron and Erik are great guys (at one point, a whole bunch of us were sitting around, and Aron whips out his camera and was like 'picture time!')
Iva was a bit of a diva (not eating with the rest of the crew, anyone?) but on the whole an ok person.

And yeah!
That's the bulk of what I can tell you at the moment!

Mysterious Pants said...

Very cool- thanks for the info! Keep us informed if you happen to get a glimpse of the Dinoshark itself (I'm assuming there's probably going to be an animatronic prop used for some shots)- I'm curious as to what it actually looks like.

...and should you manage to speak to either the director or Roger Corman, please let them know that if they're interested in developing a Dinobear film, they can contact me via this blog. -_^

AaronDiazFans said...

HEY , do you hapen to have any photos of aaron diaz during this taping?

Antonia Detroit said...

haha sorry it's so late in the coming.

The shark head is actually just a very large T-rex head, and I had to swim in waist deep in water in the stupid canal (which, might I add, has frikkin ALLIGATORS!) and the assistant director (i can't remember his name... he has an accent) would make the foam head 'eat' me, and fake blood would be squirted on me at regular intervals.

For those who are blood-hungry, that scene is sure to satisfy.
I had to take a bus home that day without a shower, and I was told that I had dried blood all over lol it was great.

Antonia Detroit said...

and the Dinobear idea has been duly noted :P

Ghost In Reverse said...

Can you telle us who is directing this movie? Is he Jim Wynorski?

popcorndisco said...

Ghost, Dan Golden is directing.
He's a cool guy.

Buzz Ryan said...

I blogged this, and I won't go into a lot of what I said there, here, but I didn't mind the flick all that bad! It stands up well agaist most of the fare that SyFy produces and you never know... maybe this is a sign they are going to offer us more quality product in the future? I hope????

I loved you in this Ms. Detroit! Okay so I am not sure who you were in it.... But I applaude the inovative use of Dino head, buckets of blood, and editing!

Bravo Senora! Bravo!