Monday, September 22, 2008

Bana Panic

Blog reader Benjamin has once again brought a daikaiju-related item to my attention that slipped past my radar: "Bana Panic", a light-hearted animated web cartoon about giant monsters from Highlander Productions. The website describes the series thusly:

Come visit the peaceful Bana Republic! 

It's sunny, it's cheerful and the beaches are great!

But not is all that it seems... the citizens try to go about their daily business while avoiding destruction and mayhem on an epic scale as huge, adorably cute and ultimately stupid monsters go about THEIR daily business, wreaking havoc and leaving a trial of debris in their wake.

The first episode is up and it's very fun and well-produced- the story may seem a bit unfocused and a little surreal at first, but stick through to the end for the punch line and the whole thing will make sense. I look forward to more! Check out the site and the first episode here:

Bana Panic

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