Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daikaiju Ultra Battle Coliseum

A little while back, blog reader Benjamin sent me a link to a news blurb concerning a Japanese Wii title called Daikaiju Ultra Battle Coliseum; a giant monster fighting game that stars various creatures from the Ultraman television series. I did some research online and from what I could determine, it’s a port of a Japanese arcade game which apparently uses collectable cards (which I assume are acquired at game shops or possibly vending machines in the arcades) that are swiped across a reader during play and in turn determine what kind of maneuvers and attacks are performed by the monsters in the game.

The whole card thing supposedly has been dropped in the Wii version in favor of using the motion-based controls that the system is famous for in order to guide the monsters’ actions. I’m not 100% sure what the game features in the way of interactive environments, but based on the screenshots I could find, I would guess that the surrounding cityscape is merely a backdrop verses something that the player could knock down during the course of a battle.

It’s hard to say if this title will ever see a North American release, given that the Ultraman franchise is nowhere near as popular or recognized over here, but stranger things have happened.


Naveed said...

I have to say your blog rocks from what I've read so far. Great source of giant monster info and news. Keep up the great work.

Mysterious Pants said...

Thanks for the compliment!