Friday, April 18, 2008

King of the Monsters Revisited

The end of April sees the release of the SNK Arcade Classics game for Wii and PSP owners, along with those of us still stubbornly clinging to our PS2 machines. It’s a collection of old school arcade titles, but of particular interest in the lineup is the fighting game King of the Monsters. I never actually got the opportunity to play it during its original run in dingy arcades or when it was later ported to the Sega Genesis system, so I’m not opposed to parting with fifteen bucks for the opportunity to finally indulge my curiosity. Besides, if it turns out to be a forgettable dud in the gameplay department, there’s at least a bunch of other titles on the disc to help offset any feelings of money ill-spent.


brian said...

I really like this entire giant monster blog! Good job!!!

Mysterious Pants said...

Kudos are always appreciated! Thanks! ^_^

Snizitch said...

Love the blog!

And, I found you can play King of the Monsters (1 & 2) for free over on :)