Sunday, March 30, 2008

Giant Monster Haiku

The first half was long
It could have been much worse though
Remember Dino’s?

Look out, Steve McQueen!
It’s like Jello, but deadly
With an odd theme song

Cephalopod rage
Caused by tentacle issues
It had only six

Gorgo’s mom gets pissed
When her son is exploited

London pays, big time

Atomic monster
By what means do they kill it?
More radiation!


Mr. Saflo said...

Why "Monster Zero"?
Everything is numbered here
Dance, Godzilla, dance

Lizard from Venus
Takes a Roman Holiday
God save the Ymir

Mysterious Pants said...

Ha ha! Nicely done!

Dad said...

Very cool! If you like monster haikus, check out my webcomic, Monster Haiku at or on facebook at