Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Cloverfield Monster? Mmmmaybe.

A while back I had mentioned that I was going to try to avoid too many posts about J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film, given that most of the information (read: speculation) about the movie is often either quickly discredited or too vague to be newsworthy and therefore a waste of time to center a series of updates around. However, a picture has been creating a buzz on various websites today and I figured that I might as well throw in my two cents on the matter, given the theme of this blog. Here’s the image that some are claiming is the actual design of the Cloverfield monster:

So could this be the creature? Well, if I’ve learned anything with regards to this film, it’s simply to take any news about it with a grain of salt. Below are some “yes” and “no” arguments, as compiled from various posts and talkback sections of places where this picture has been posted- read ‘em and decide for yourself:


-the beast sports a three-figured hand which would jive with the claw damage on the headless Statue of Liberty from the movie poster.
-it has been claimed that the legs and upper body supposedly match what’s seen in the trailer where the monster is shown ducking behind a building. As well, the horn on the monster’s head or back can apparently be seen for a split-instant during the clip of the bridge collapse.
-the design is by Peter Konig, a conceptual artist who is also the film’s art director. Samples of his work can be seen here (which is where the picture hails from).


-you’ll notice that the picture, when viewed from the ConceptArt.org site, is dated 2003.
-some have claimed that newer television commercials for the movie allegedly feature people being attacked by tentacles of some sort; the monster in the picture is tentacle-free.
-anyone familiar with J.J. Abrams is more than familiar with the fact that he seems to delight in jerking his audience around with red herrings and “leaked” misinformation.

Cloverfield monster or not, it’s still a neat-looking critter all the same.

**UPDATE: 1-11-08**

The "no's" have it- it's not the genuine article. For those of you who guessed correctly, go out and treat yourself to a slice of cake. You've earned it.


Mr. Saflo said...

New drawings have been made based on descriptions by people who were at a recent pre-screening, if you're interested.


I will be disappointed if it really does have that stupid monkey-head.

Mysterious Pants said...

Thanks for the link!

I read one early screening review online which took the liberty of explaining the monster in detail- those drawings really help clarify the description (especially the whole deal with the creature's screwy front arms/legs). The red thingys on either side of its head which look like ears are apparently lung-like organs that "breathe" in and out.