Sunday, November 4, 2007

Three More Monsters (Minus One)

In a recent update, has revealed what may be the final two monsters for Godzilla: Unleashed line-up:


At last, the genetic combination of Godzilla, human and plant DNA finally shows up as a playable character. The game designers have seemed to given her quite a number of varied abilities, including long-distance-reaching tentacle attacks, a ranged acid spray and what seems to be the ability to burrow underground (like Megalon and Baragon). In fact, she almost seems a little... too powerful and versatile. I guess we won’t know for sure until the final game is actually played.


It’s not unexpected to see Orga returning for this new release, as he has become sort of a staple for the Atari Godzilla games. Not that it’s a bad thing by any stretch; he’s a hard-hitting badass that can do some real damage to his opponent if he gets in close enough. When playing as some of the more delicate monsters in the game, it’s often best to keep your distance and throw stuff at him like a big coward.

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