Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Three More Monsters (Plus One) has rolled out more Godzilla: Unleashed character reveals- this newest batch however, featured a rather unexpected (and thankfully pleasant) surprise.


I’m glad that see that Baragon in all his GMK-version glory is making a return in this new title as a playable monster. He was one of my favorites from Godzilla: Save the Earth.


Well, it really wouldn’t be a proper Toho daikaiju game without Rodan. He is kind of a fun character to play as his flying ability gives him an almost unfair advantage on terrain-heavy maps, although it conversely does turn him into a bit of an open target for most ranged attacks.

Jet Jaguar

Ah, the composite hybrid of Ultraman and Jack Nicholson. I was never terribly adept at using Jet Jaguar in G:STE, although strangely enough, I did find him to be a bit of a headache as a computer-controlled opponent.


And here I thought that this character would never make an appearance due to the same messy licensing problems that kept him out of the previous game incarnations- I’m glad I was wrong! I’d imagine that Titanosaurus be able to use his signature whirlwind-inducing tail whip maneuver that he displayed in Terror of Mechagodzilla; although within the context of the game, it will probably be relegated as a special ranged attack.

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