Thursday, February 22, 2007

This was the day that engulfed the world in terror!

What can I say? I adore giant monster movies.

It's a subgenre of science fiction that completely enthralled me as a kid- back in the days before VCR’s and video rental stores became prolific, I would anxiously await Saturday afternoons where a Cleveland affiliate channel would air an afternoon matinee double bill of horror and sci-fi films. If I was lucky, one of the movies would be of the giant monster variety. While I bear no ill will against human-sized creatures like the Wolfman, Dracula or the Mummy, nothing says “monster” to me better than an over-sized beast that can terrorize an entire populace while trampling generous amounts of real estate.

Now as much as I enjoy these kinds of movies, I’m certainly not going to defend their actual cinematic merit- I freely admit that a lot, if not the vast majority of these films can be pretty awful. As with all things, you're always more forgiving of the stuff you like verses the stuff you’re indifferent to.

So… yeah. This is basically going to be a giant monster-themed blog. When I come across anything pertaining to the theme, I’ll put up an entry or two.

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